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Alcohol Treatment Centers in Fort Wayne IN (260) 247-3906

Alcohol addiction is a complex and often relapsing neurological disease which requires treatment through a well-rounded and professional rehab program like the one available at Alcohol Treatment Centers Fort Wayne. Only a fraction of those who have alcohol abuse and dependence issues seek help. An estimated 17 million adults in this country have an alcohol use disorder (AUD), according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Complications due to alcohol consumption are responsible for approximately 88,000 yearly deaths, making this drug the third leading cause of preventable death in the nation.

These statistics highlight the imperative need for accredited alcohol treatment centers. The highly trained and qualified staff at Alcohol Treatment Centers Fort Wayne has the knowledge and expertise to help patients achieve and maintain their sobriety. Through medical detox, psychotherapy, relapse prevention, alternative treatment modalities and aftercare planning, the medical and mental health professionals at Alcohol Treatment Centers Fort Wayne work together to formulate a treatment plan that best suits the individual needs of each patient. To speak to an addiction specialist who can help answer your questions, dial (260) 247-3906.

How to Know If You Have a Problem

There are some signs and symptoms that can help you identify if you have a problem with alcohol. You may have an alcohol addiction if you have experienced one or more of the following signs or symptoms:

  • The inability to control the amount of alcohol you consume
  • The inability to stop drinking even though you’ve tried, and even though it’s causing serious problems in your life
  • Drinking alone or hiding your drinking from others
  • Having serious legal, financial, or relationship problems directly related to your drinking habits
  • Having to consume a large amount of alcohol in a short time in order to feel “normal”
  • Hiding alcohol around the house
  • Blacking out frequently and forgetting conversations you had or things you did while drinking
  • Developing a tolerance and needing more and more alcohol to get the same effects
  • Having strong cravings or experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you can’t access the substance
  • Partaking in dangerous or risky behavior such as unprotected sex or driving while under the influence

If you or someone you love has experienced or exhibiting some of the above signs and symptoms of alcoholism, the time to seek professional help is now. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Fort Wayne at (260) 247-3906 to find out more about our rehab programs and services.

About Fort Wayne, IN

The second largest city in the state of Indiana, Fort Wayne is home to an estimated 256,496 people. It was founded in 1794 and has a rich Native American history. The city’s economy was built on manufacturing, which led to several novel inventions, including the first public lighting system in the country, gas pumps, the refrigerator, baking powder, garbage disposal, jukebox, transistor radio, the first high fidelity phonograph, calculator and the breathalyzer.
According to published reports, the state of Indiana has the 17th highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the nation. The majority of these deaths are due to prescription drug abuse, and the number has quadrupled since 1999. Other drugs that pose serious problems for the residents of Indiana include heroin, marijuana, cocaine and other designer drugs.

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